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“From humble beginnings to humble service.”

The Viet-Wah Group is one of the largest Asian grocery importers, wholesale distributors and retailers in the Pacific Northwest. Since its inception in 1981, The Viet-Wah has evolved beyond a basic “Seattle Chinatown” grocery retailer that featured some Asian grocery and gift items.

The company’s Founder and Chairman, Duc Tran, was a Chinese-Vietnamese refugee who arrived to America with nothing more than a pair of jeans and $10 in his pocket. He was forced to work odd jobs before opening a tiny grocery shop in hopes of serving the growing Chinese-Vietnamese population.

That one tiny shop grew into the Viet-Wah Group, which now operates warehouse distribution, retail stores across Washington, and employs over 100 employees. Viet-Wah has become a recognized major provider of imported grocery and food items from Asia. Under Tran’s leadership, corporate networks has been developed to accommodate Viet-Wah’s ever-growing food business while giving back to the community.



“More than just a grocery store.”

Over the past decade, The Viet-Wah Group has aggressively expanded its business scope beyond importation of food items by engaging in active processing of Asian food items at the source countries.

The Viet-Wah Group has been successful in forming alliances with quality and significant businesses that are major producers and processors of grocery and food items in Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, China and other Pacific Rim nations. These alliances have enhanced the capability of Viet Wah Group to deliver quality, unique, new and traditional food items to its US customer base at reasonable cost and with reliable delivery efficiency.

These alliances have also delivered to Viet-Wah Group access to distribution channels in their respective native market. Viet-Wah Group has the capability to assist effectively and efficiently any US producers, manufacturers, processors and distributors in accessing those Asian markets that deem far and alien to any domestic American business.

The Viet-Wah Group is accomplished in offering the following services:

• Access to sourcing broad Asian product line
• Private labeling
• Exclusive distributorship
• Extensive domestic and international supplier relationships
• International alliances and affiliates

Visit the Online Catalog to view our wide selection of International and featured products. Also be sure to checkout the lineup of products from our private brands.


Our Mission

Viet-Wah strives to deliver exceptional Asian food and related products by building a company that values our customers, employees, partners, and local communities.

With its network of domestic US distributors, international traders, and food producers, the Viet-Wah Group believes in dedication to satisfying our customers and timely delivery of goods at competitive pricing. We strive to hold a reputation and commitment built on being recognized as the source for not only Asian groceries but also an information specialist for innovative international trading activities with business partners throughout Asia.


Community Values

“We define success as giving back.”

We have a strong commitment to our community and its future. Viet-Wah Group is more than a chain of Asian supermarket stores. We organize and sponsor numerous fundraising efforts to support children’s education, health and human services, at home and abroad. We’ve always had a commitment to social responsibility and contribute to programs. Below are some of Viet-Wah Group’s recognized work in Seattle, Renton, and Washington state’s local communities.

Hongbang Vietnamese Language School
Indochina Chinese Refugee Association
Tet in Seattle
• Vietnamese American Women Humanitarian Organization
Vietnamese Seafair Pageant
Yep Sen Chinese School
Renton International Festival
• Asian Counseling Referral Service
• Chinese Information and Service Center
• Vietnam Health Clinic
Kin On Healthcare for Asian Elders
• International Community Health Services


“We’re in the News.”

• Viet-Wah Proudly Sponsors Mobile Heath Clinics
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